Preserving Coastal Biodiversity Legacy

Marine and coastal ecosystems are essential for the health of our planet. They provide food, shelter, and breeding grounds for many marine species.

They also help to protect coastlines from erosion and flooding. However, marine and coastal ecosystems are under threat from a variety of human activities, including pollution, overfishing, IUU, and climate change. It is important to take action to protect these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

At the African Center for Advocacy, we are committed to safeguarding the rich coastal biodiversity that Cameroon holds dear.

Our strategic plan is focused on the protection and conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems, ensuring their vitality for current and future generations.

As an organization rooted in Cameroon, we understand the profound significance of these ecosystems for our environment, food security, and economic prosperity.

By promoting sustainable practices and fostering partnerships, we strive to leave behind a lasting legacy of preserved coastal biodiversity that benefits all.

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