From the Chair of the Board:

I am honored to be writing this message as Board Chair of the African Center for Advocacy (ACA). I have always believed in the power of people working together to make the lives of their communities get better with no one left behind. It is with great pleasure and pride that I continue this journey with the ACA as it embarks to make history.

The ACA puts people first! We use every opportunity to promote access to basic human needs such as water and sanitation. We apply diverse advocacy approaches and forge new partnerships to protect the foundations of wellbeing such as access to basic knowledge and ensuring good health and wellbeing to all.

Since our existence, we’ve relied essentially on self-funding. There is no doubt that we have a long way to go. With your support, our dynamic team will continue to focus its effort on galvanizing political will, mobilizing resources and engaging with communities to make the lives of their communities get better with no one left behind.

Thank you,

Pascal Guillaume Bekono

Executive Director:

Tih Ntiabang is the co-founder and executive director of the African Center for Advocacy. He has close to 15 years of experience in policy and media advocacy on a wide range of issue including public health, environment, good governance etc. across sub-Saharan Africa.

Contact Tih:

Email: ntiabngt@we-advocate.org

Twitter: @tih_ntiabang

Skype: tih.a.ntiabang

Advocacy Officer:

Younoussa Abbosouka is the advocacy officer at African Center for Advocacy. He helps to develop and implement the organization’s policies and strategies and engage partners to positively influence decision. Younoussa is also involved in several knowledge sharing and advocacy projects such as the YouKnow project and an active member of the Water Youth Network.

Contact Younoussa:

Email: younoussaa@we-advocate.org

Twitter: @Y_Abbo

Skype: baptel9

Communication Intern:

Che Hannah Mankah is a Communications intern at the African Center for Advocacy. She assists in managing both the internal and external communications of the organization. By so doing, she ensures effective flow of information internally, and at the external level, she works towards creating awareness and increasing visibility of the organization, in order to reach more stakeholders.

Contact Hannah:

Email: h.mankah@yahoo.com
Twitter: @MankahHannah
Skype: Che Hannah