Let’s keep an eye on public interest!

Transparency, accountability and participation are at the centre of our efforts. At the African Center for Advocacy, we keep a close watch on government agencies, corporations, institutions etc. to guard against any decisions or practices that are inconsistent with the good of the public, especially those of the underprivileged.

We act as a societal watchdog making sure that we monitor and call attention to practices and policies that cause harm or conflict with the public interest. Together with other civil society organisations, we develop strategies to stave off policies and practices that are inconsistent with the public interest. We expose the fact of the situation as it is, and we engage in a constructive dialogue with the concerned stakeholders to ensure that the rule of law, effectiveness and equitability prevails.

We are mostly concerned with policies and activities related to access to basic services such as water and sanitation, public health and wellbeing, and climate justice.