Forest, People And Climate

Empowering Forest Communities

Promote Climate Adaptation and Resilience through Inclusive Actions, Enhancing Environmental Health and Livelihoods.

Forests are essential for the health of our planet and the people. They provide a home for a wide variety of plants and animals. They also help regulate the climate, prevent erosion, and provide clean water.
However, forests are under threat from a variety of human activities, including deforestation, logging, and climate change. It is important to take action to protect these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

Empowering Forest Communities for Sustainable Prosperity and Resilience is at the core of our mission at African Center for Advocacy.

Based in Cameroon, we recognize the integral role that forests play in our society – providing habitats, regulating climate, and supporting livelihoods.

Through our strategic plan, we work closely with local communities, forging strong alliances with civil society organizations, and advocating for policies that prioritize forest conservation and sustainable management.

By empowering communities to become stewards of their forests, we aim to create a resilient and prosperous future that nurtures both people and nature.

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